Welcome to Chambers Shoe Repair on Slauson’s official website. Here at Chambers we have been proudly serving the South L.A. communities for over 60 Years. We pride ourselves on providing the community with a one of a kind family owned shoe repair business committed to bridging the gap between the old days of excellent quality and service with the modern day focus on technology and convenience.

At Chambers we specialize in shoe repair and restoration of men’s and women’s shoes and boots of all types, fine leather goods, purses, jackets, luggage and more. We specialize in both the preventative and the maintenance care of your cherished leather goods. Whether its replacing the sole on an old pair of oxfords or reinforcing or even replacing the strap on a fine handbag your grandmother gave you, there’s no task to small or to large for us to handle. Stop in today for truly unique and satisfying experience.